What to do when you can’t do it anymore

One of my favorite Russian bloggers recently ran into the door frame and split open her forehead… all while trying to sneak a cigarette in the middle of the night. She made a deal with her husband that if he buys her a French château she’d quit smoking…

So now she’s in this state of unshakable depression, fueled by a throbbing scar and nicotine withdrawal, and she’s crowdsourcing depression remedies from her readers… Here are my top five nuggets of the collective wisdom:

–          Gorge on sweet and greasy

–          Watch Dr. House

–          Open a bottle of Champagne and make a toast to new life

–          Wash the windows and scrub the toilet

–          Yell at your partner and then to have wild sex. Or to go for a drive, and then to start the yelling part.

Is that what Cyndi Lauper had in mind?


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4 Responses to What to do when you can’t do it anymore

  1. Batonchik says:

    if you’d ever see me eating the tiny butter-cream-filled cones (those ones that also come among the other tiny sweets in the “Leningrad Sets”, but now are available separately) and drinking coke on top of them – HIDE. Because if i am eating this -i am trying to cope with a volcano eruption happening inside of me. It will eventually come out, with a waterfall of tears, or a horrible “where-am-i-supposed-to-turn-to-in-this-crazy-LA – like scream” (you know that one for sure).

    my recipies are:
    – drive the car to the farthest gas station you know (that takes your card, also, to make the task more difficult). as THAT gas station was found smth like 30 kilometers from my place, in suburbs, to be exact – upon reaching the destination, run 2 circles around gas station, while the car’s fuelling. Also, highly recommended: scream or make weird noises and/or faces when you are running behind the gas station building and noone could see you. WORKS WONDERS.
    – IM your ex (the one least likely to be mad at you) and give him hell till 2 am over IM. You would have to appologize the next morning but you’d already feel better so you wouldn’t mind doing so. And, you can also blame pms. Always.
    – superclean the appartment. YES. marvel over the results achieved.
    – whiskey on the rocks. with a slice of lemon. This one may be added to any of the “relief-recipies” noted above.

    HUGS to all of us !

    • breadnbutter69 says:

      Beating the heck out of your ex or other unsuspecting relatives/pets/associates was also one of the top suggestions 🙂 Will definitely have to give it a shot… 🙂

  2. batonchik says:

    Had to read this post today. Found no solutions. “Somebody kill me please”.

  3. Jessica says:

    I agree with your words of wisdom! I hope she got better! lol

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