What we’ve got is gold

Back when I still didn’t even have a driver’s license, my best friend already had a red car. It was almost the kind of car they drive in Flintstone cartoons, where they stick their feet in and then run really fast. But it was real, and it was red, and it was filled with stuffed bears.

Standing in traffic jams, we held spontaneous dance parties in the front seats while singing along to home-made mix tapes.  We shared heart-throb stories and quizzed each other on school stuff before exams. And my best friend even let me drive it. Once.

Fast forward 10 years later. We are in a two-seater red convertible Honda, roaring up Highway 1 up the California coast. Listening to a mix tape – on an MP3 player. Sharing heart-throb stories, sunshine and fish tacos. Pointing the camera out above our heads and shooting video of palm trees and hunky surfers with spiky hair. Screaming songs we used to sing in the other red car. It’s the kind of day you want to bottle up and use as perfume.

For everyone who wishes they were on a beach in Cali or just wants to share a gold moment with someone, here’s Mr. Blunt.


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5 Responses to What we’ve got is gold

  1. batonchik says:

    I love you, my friend. It is -20C here and i feel warm because of you.

  2. Batonchik says:

    Ever since that time, i start singing outloud when i hear “savage garden” on the radio. Thank you my friend.

    There’s another good thing that we share in terms of driving and travel: it’s a steady progression in ablilty to pass through dificulties with no loss =)

    Remember that Beaver smth? Smth like Beaver Pass? The snow was literaly pouring on top of the car like a sour cream stream, it would pile up under hysterically moving windshield wipers into huge bumps, leaving less and less space for observation… But what was there to observe, anyway! I would scream: “where are we?” And you would very calmly say: “we are in between two white lines! Oh they are already gone, but anyway!” And we’d keep on driving.

    Thank you for not letting me stop on the side that day =)

  3. Monet says:

    Oh this brought back memories of high school, of my very best girl friends, of laughing and singing as loud as I can. Thank you for sharing another great moment with me. You never let me down! I hope you have a weekend of love and relaxation. We all need it, I think!

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