How to get along with your American husband. Part 2

We are sitting at the dinner table, our usual place of brainstorming because ideas like food too. Towards the end of dinner, when I see that certain glistening of a happy Cheshire cat in B’s eyes, I decide it’s time to pick his brain.

“You know, a friend of mine has missed their anniversary. Just plain forgot about it and her husband got upset, understandably,” I say. “What do you think would be a good way for her to rectify this situation?”

B keeps mopping up the steak juices with a piece of bread, possibly considering the noise around him as AnnaFM, a radio station local to our house.

“Come on, what is your male perspective on this?” I nudge him.

“Well, what about having sex with him?” he suggests. This coming from a person who holds season tickets to two theater, collects limited-edition pens and has a PhD.

“You mean that’s it? Just have sex?” I was thinking along the lines of dinner under the stars, skinny dipping, chocolate dipped marshmallows, the new version of Xbox 360. Maybe even volunteering to host a Superbowl party for all his friends.

B. pours us tea and says,

“Well, if she truly wants to make it special, how about doing it twice?”


About annahuddleston

Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas.
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2 Responses to How to get along with your American husband. Part 2

  1. Batonchik says:

    For some reason i was thinking of Kinect…for the already-mentioned XBOX =) but oh well, it just proves the fact that i’m a girl. Men are from the other planet =))))))

    and, sex is much easier than going to the store and choosing stuff, or cooking or baking smth =) so, i like B’s suggestion =)

    • breadnbutter69 says:

      i figured he was right too… maybe just add your apple tart of Monet’s cupcakes for the party doing the heavy lifting…

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