Korean keyboard

The school took the computer away from our Korean exchange student. He managed to send the school server into a coma… which says two things – the guy was downloading 12 GB worth of Korean songs and that he’s pretty smart. In some things.  Truly, a nice kid, who is struggling to reconcile his values and the American values in some way that doesn’t get him thrown out of the exchange program.

So the night before we’re sitting at the dinner table, trying to explain to him that the school is mad, and that they computer is their property, which they let him use… all the time thinking how come I didn’t go to  school like that…. Oh, and they also assigned him a friend… Really, when was the last time someone assigned you a friend?

He is nodding his head up and down, saying, “Yes, I understand… The school is mad…. They don’t like me using Korean stuff…”

We say, purely for pedagogical purposes, “How do you know that?”

“They blocked the Korean language on my computer….”

“Yeah, that would be a good clue,” we say…

Then I turn around to take the dishes to the sink and notice, yes, you guessed it, a whole slew of Korean characters on his screen.

“If the school blocked Korean language, how are you able to type in Korean?” I ask. Not so much mad, just curious.

“Ha, this is online. It’s a Google keyboard….”


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