Six Things to Do When You Miss Home

No matter how we think we can do anything and live in several places at once, there are days when the world just gets too big.  We miss people and our experiences in those places. Case in point – When I first moved to the U.S., I used to miss a doughnut store downtown St. Petersburg where they had pimply hot doughnuts, muddy coffee and a resident cat. Did I really miss the doughnuts (especially considering my new proximity to In-n-Out Burger?) Or was it more of missing the time in my life when no mountain seemed too high and things seemed easy and exciting? Either way, it made me want to get under the covers and stay there, preferably with a bottle of red.

Yeah, yeah, you hear all the time how you need to turn off the phone and immerse yourself in the reality around you. That’s true. To a point. But there’re days when the suitcase gets too heavy. Here’re some ideas about how to get back in the game:

–          Stay connected – text, email, talk, skype – anything you need to do to hear that person’s voice. Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes. Just got through discussing ex-ballerina’s naked boobs with a friend on a different continent. Not that I usually check out boobs online with my morning coffee…

–          Go shopping for the person you miss.

–          Check out the live cams around the world – there are thousands and maybe there’s one exactly where you want to be right now.

–          Pursue a joint project with the person you miss that require regular participation from both of you. I learnt to crochet on skype…

–          Clean your house or the place you are staying. Take out the trash and wash the        trash can.

–          Cook/bake something for someone other than yourself and who is can physically come over. A neighbor, resident boyfriend, co-workers … Even better, throw a cooking party!


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Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas.
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10 Responses to Six Things to Do When You Miss Home

  1. batonchik says:

    I love the cooking-party idea, my friend. Don’t forget to turn on skype!!!!

    And, btw, i picked cooking out of yr 6 options only because skopping with skype on seems uncomfortable to me ;-)))))

    Want to go shooooooopping with u!!!

    • breadnbutter69 says:

      Yes! Even though you are half my size ….. 🙂

      • batonchik says:

        and so what? half, 1/3…. to tell you the truth we are one size =) after 10 days of New Years holidays…. and even before them. the only difference is that i keep on buying clothes size waaaay tooo small and too tight to fit me, and keep on feeling uncomfortable in them and you have enough brain not to torture yourself, my friend.

        that’s all there is to the “size” matter =)

  2. janay says:

    Visit your favorite relatives in Utah. 🙂

  3. taika says:

    all true, but what’s with washing the trash can?!? ))

  4. Monet says:

    When I saw this on facebook last night…I had to read it right away. I’ve been so homesick recently! I love the tips that you shared with us. I think it is so cool that you learned how to crochet via skype. I am going to try to bake some poppyseed muffins this afternoon and invite a new friend over. Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. breadnbutter69 says:

    I bet they will rock! Too bad I can’t come over to personally sample… mmm

  6. taika says:

    not arguing with that but still don’t get the home sickness connotation))) does that really help?

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