5 Things to Make You Feel at Home Anywhere

“How did you smuggle coffee in here?” was the first thing out of my mind when I walked into my boss’s hotel room. We were above the Arctic Circle. It was so cold outside that the hairs inside my nose turned into icicles. To get my room up into the plus temperatures I had to turn on the hot water in the shower and just let it run…

“I always bring my own coffee,” he said. “And my own French press. It makes me feel at home.”

Even though that seemed a little excessive at the time, I never forgot that day and this single act of hominess saved our sanity.  Here’re some ideas about how to keep yours with simple stuff:

Veteran mug. I don’t care if you travel with a plastic bag instead of a suitcase – there’s always a place for your favorite mug. We almost always pack carry-on only and guess what’s there? Yes, an eclectic mug with a white handle, companion red spoon and an affinity for tea, soup, vodka and Chinese food.  It found me in Barcelona.

Emergency snack. Brain dying and no food in sight? Here comes your powerbar or that bag of nuts. Or a Snickers. This works especially well for traveling to place with unpredictable food – we won’t point fingers here. After all, maybe it’s just your stomach, not their staple fried worms. Even if you never eat that bar, the notion that it’s in your pocket would provide just a little extra peace of mind.

Your partner’s T-shirt. Or boxers. Or lace thongs. Whatever helps you sleep at night when you are alone.

Soft socks. They rock when you get to the hotel and can’t wait to get out of your shoes, or when your flight is delayed and your toes are crying, or when your flight is 10 hours long.  Mine feature Halloween spiders and orange toes.

A trigger object. This is something that puts you in the right frame of mind for your mission. Are you traveling for work and your striped fake glasses make you feel like a CEO? Bring them along. Even if they stay in your purse the whole time and quietly make you happy.

Happy travels and keep in mind that they best place to be is right here and right  now.


About annahuddleston

Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas. www.shakeyourshoes.wordpress.com
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