Conflicting flavors

I love the smell of glue. It’s sweet and tangy. They are gluing new panels in the kitchen and offered to open the windows (they probably smell this stuff on a regular basis so the suggestion was probably based on the concern for their health than for mine.) I said no.

“Nice occupational hazard,” I said. They gave me a “huh” look – either the concept was new to them or the glue has done its job after all.

We were going to make steak tonight. But now that I think about it, no point seasoning the meat with the glue particles circulating around the kitchen. Some things are better served separately. Each deserves their own limelight.


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7 Responses to Conflicting flavors

  1. Monet says:

    Funny. I like the smell of gasoline. I always offer to pump gas for my husband. He thinks it’s because I’m nice. Thank you for sharing with me. Have a love-filled weekend!

    • breadnbutter69 says:

      I hate to tell you, but I love the small of gasoline too…. not exactly apple pie but still 🙂 have a great weekend!

  2. Sage says:

    Thank you visiting my blog.
    I thing is paint; i just love that clean smell.

  3. batonchik says:

    I love the smell of russian subway stations. I’ve no idea what the name of that substance they soak the ties with is but oh it gives me thrills and desperate desire to travel…far. thank u for the “smelling experience”, my friend.

  4. Shira says:

    Congrats on your lovely size six self, and thanks for visiting my blog a few days ago! I really dug glue myself growing up, but it was more about peeling away the dried bunches than the smell itself. Good call on not marinating the steaks in the glue particles – how did your meal turn out?

    • breadnbutter69 says:

      yes – dried parts are the best. especially when still a little squishy inside…. the steaks were fab – what glue didn’t accomplish wine did. thanks for stopping by! love your blog!

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