iCarly makes me feel ancient

After a long day at Blogworld #bwe2010 that left me feeling that I was a dinosaur and didn’t know it, I finally stretch out on the couch in anticipation of some relief. I turn on the TV and start flipping through channels – and yes, get stopped by the Nickelodeon show iCarly. I have never seen it before. I didn’t even know it existed until a few days back when Carly came to another tradeshow I was covering.

Carly is doing all the things that many folks at Blogworld aspire towards – it’s like an online reality show full of drama and addicting entertainment with a built-in fast forward button for those with super short attention span. Yummy!

Here’s the best part. Two hours prior to this, I was in a video production seminar for dummies – how to make videos that Youtube thinks are hot. Serious people nodded their heads up and down and took notes. One of the commercials on iCarly was for a Barbie doll with a built-in camera and a screen on her back. You can shoot video and edit it and get it online all while playing with your Barbie… These are the people who don’t yet know how to take notes… But they are already light years ahead…

Moral:   Flipping from CSI to Nick (or CNN, or Bravo if you usually hate) can unexpectedly widen your horizons (and make you want to go hang yourself). And save you money.


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2 Responses to iCarly makes me feel ancient

  1. I know I’m way past the ‘recommended’ age group for iCarly but it really does make me laugh. And I’ve seen more than once. Enough to tell you about Freddie’s fascination with Carly and Sam’s passion for food, well, eating it anyways. 😛
    Cheers – Dora http://peacefrompieces.blogspot.com/

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