Day 8. Sugar Coma

When you find yourself in a sugar coma, don’t panic. You are probably not alone. Millions of people take a bite out of a Snickers bar thinking it’s a pear… Those were the thoughts going through my mind when I saw my hand, independent from the rest of my body, reach over for m and m’s… and grab some. When my brain caught up with them, the mouth had already swallowed.

Less than than five minutes later, my head was right on track to a giant migraine. It’s almost like an orgasm – you know it’s coming and the best you can do is relax and enjoy. Except the enjoyment part is the rub with a migraine.

I tried to compensate with a rabbit’s daily ratio of broccoli and carrots.

But it was too late. My mind had gone into a stupor, the kind where you know where you might as well take the rest of the day off because everything else “will waste your time and annoy the pig.”

However, I did discover an interesting benefit. Because you brain muscle is so sore you can’t flex it, you relax and let things flow, which in my case, resulted in 2,000 words of copy for work. Just don’t drive… or operate heavy machinery.


About annahuddleston

Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas.
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2 Responses to Day 8. Sugar Coma

  1. Monet says:

    Such a funny post…you are one talented writer…I love how you compared a sugar rush to an orgasm…just perfect! I’m about to experience a sugar-rush myself. There is a whole plate of pumpkin coffeecake in front of me, and I’m not going to hold back!

  2. breadnbutter69 says:

    Yes! Go for it and let it take over you 🙂

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