Day Three

For everyone concerned about my peaches – I’m compensating with golden crispy succulent roasted turkey skin… I know, I know. But when the breast came out of the oven, I couldn’t help myself and peeled it off. Borja, who watched me do this and was still recovering from his jump from the Stratosphere (and that’s 107 floors…) earlier today, just about headed to throw up in the bathroom. He didn’t throw up while flying down…

In her blog about this diet, Belonika says that the third day is the worst and those who make it through will make it in to the end. I sure hope she is right. I’m hoping that after days of my brain’s sugarless coma there will be a moment of clarity, and this iron helmet on my shoulders will get filled with light. I’ll let you know…

In the meantime, I tried out a super easy sauce that goes with both white fish and salmon. A handful of arugula, a handful of spinach, two table spoons of yoghurt and a splash of lemon juice – mix in a blender. I cleaned the inside of the glass jar with my finger (risking to cut it with the blades I might add) and licked it off like it was chocolate Nutella. Who mentioned chocolate Nutella?!


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