Day Two

How do you dive into a lunch with a friend when you’re trying to be on a diet?

You say, “Screw it!” The diet, that is. I did manage to avoid the landmines in a form of seductive peaches at the office and a chocolate chip cookie that had sabotaged a secure container with my figs. But then came a lunch at my favorite Sushi Mon, which of course, had been scheduled weeks ago and couldn’t have possibly been rescheduled. How much can one enjoy a piece of tempura without sounding x-rated?

My head feels somewhat less like it’s been hit by a train. But still, when I didn’t grab the newspaper in the morning from under my husband’s hands, he said he liked me mellow like that. I told him not to get his hopes up and that the change is temporary.  Arieses have trouble holding still.

Discovered a super nutritious breakfast that kept me alive for four hours. Blend a can of tuna and tablespoon of yoghurt in a blender and then spread half of the mixture on two rice cakes. If your significant other has been nice to you, share the other half with them. Practically breakfast in bed.

Oh, and my Bon Appétit magazine came today. Luscious. I had to hide it at the bottom of the underwear drawer.


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Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas.
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