Day One – I’d Kill for a Cookie!

I’d kill for a cookie. Is it possible that our body needs so much sugar to operate? And that’s not to say that I have been completely stoic today – stoic but without unhealthy enthusiasm. A couple of figs and half a mango, even though they are at the top of the “do not eat” list.

I would have left them to freeze on the top shelf of the fridge but when my sugar-deprived brain missed a turning car when I was driving around at lunch, I figured alive with some sugar is better than dead with none.

The last meal of the day is supposed to be vegetable soup – yellow/green butternut baby throwup in my case. Already savoring its gustatory qualities, I managed to spill half of it on the place mat…

“You’re not going to last long like this,” said a former vegetarian guy who is staying with us. And then went on to tell us about the beauty of hamburgers.

“Too bad I had my first hamburger at Wendy’s,” he said obviously referring to In and Out we he had recently experienced a double double. That was the image I could have lived without. I said,

“You know, some people don’t get to have sex for the first time exactly the way they envisioned either.”


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