Saying NO to Sugar

The goal: Banana Republic pants the size I was wearing a year ago. Soft, stretchy, not on sale.
What happens at the thought about going on a diet? The fridge door opens and methodically, everything without mold gets devoured. Some moldy stuff too. Blue cheese. And even a Snickers bar that was left over from our Taiwan exchange student last year. I cut it up in pieces, thinking that I might stop after the second or third one. No such luck.
The idea of a diet came from watching the fabulous photos of fabulous food produced by my fabulous livejournal icon Belonika. She is a publishing mogul, a mother of three, and a chronic foodie. And she has a Michelin-star French chef who she seems to have hired as personal help. But she gets her hands dirty too. Some people have found not-so-small diamonds in their meatloaf at her dinner parties. I want to be like her when I grow up.
Here are the basic rules of her diet adopted from some French spa. No sugar of any kind (that includes high fructose syrup), no dairy and no processed meats. (In France? Seriouisly?)  And only one cup of coffee. And that’s if you’re passing out.  And lots of different vegetable of soups.
Those pants at the BP store… Whoever came up with a skinny fit?

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Business and travel writer based in Las Vegas.
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